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The essential demands for creating annotations (author’s resumes): desired goals and objectives, construction and content

The abstract (the author’s resumes) in the regular is actually a supply of specifics of the material of your write-up and the study results explained therein.

Annotation on the post ought to be:

  1. educational (usually do not consist of popular terms);
  2. original (not to be a language translation annotation with a literal language translation);
  3. considerable (represent the key information of your write-up and the outcomes of the study);
  4. organised (keep to the common sense of talking about the outcome inside the report);
  5. « English-talking » (to become developed in substantial-good quality British);
  6. compact (to put in to the volume level from 100 to 250 words and phrases), 850 heroes, at least 10 facial lines.


The principle desired goals and objectives in the annotation

  • Abstract is actually a brief breakdown of a more substantial quantity work of a medical character.
  • The abstract can be posted separately, in solitude from your primary written text and, as a result, ought to be clear without having reference on the newsletter itself.
  • Studying an annotation on the article, the reader should comprehend the substance from the investigation.
  • Reading the annotation, your reader need to determine whether it be worthwhile to refer fully textual content from the article for receiving more detailed info useful on it.
  • Annotation for the report is the primary source of details within the domestic and unfamiliar information techniques and directories, indexing periodicals.
  • Abstract is offered in the magazine’s site for community observing online and indexed by community search instruments.
  • The abstract in English language is the grounds for setting up the abstract in other languages.

Framework, content material and amount of the abstract

  1. The abstract ought to condition the fundamental specifics of your function, and should not exaggerate or contain fabric that may be not available in your body of your newsletter.
  2. An annotation framework that repeats the structure of the article and consists of the intro, targets and goals, methods, final results, conclusions (findings) is urged.
  3. Nonetheless: the niche, subject matter, reason for the job is mentioned should they be not obvious from your headline of your post; The technique or method of your function should be defined if they are new or intriguing from the purpose of view of this operate.
  4. The outcome in the work are explained very effectively and informatively.
  5. The main theoretical and experimental final results, genuine details, found connections and regularities are offered. Simultaneously, desire is given to new effects and data of long-term value, essential discoveries, a conclusion that disprove current hypotheses, in addition to data that, from the author’s judgment, are of sensible significance.
  6. Findings could be accompanied by suggestions, quotations, ideas, hypotheses explained from the article.
  7. The data contained in the headline of the article really should not be frequent within the text of the annotation.
  8. Steer clear of pointless preliminary terms (by way of example, « this writer in the article takes into consideration … »).
  9. Historical recommendations, if they will not comprise the primary articles of the document, a description of previously published performs and well-known conditions in the annotation usually are not provided.
  10. The writing in the annotation should utilize the syntactic constructions inherent in the terminology of medical and technological papers; prevent complex grammatical buildings.
  11. From the textual content of the author’s curriculum vitae, you ought to use substantial words in the text message of your report.
  12. The text of the annotation must be concise and crystal clear, free from history, superfluous launching words, general and insignificant formulations.
  13. The writing ought to be coherent, disjointed assertions need to adhere to the other person logically.
  14. Abbreviations and icons, aside from frequent versions, are utilized in outstanding situations, or these are provided from the author’s cv.
  15. The annotation fails to reference the distribution variety inside the list of personal references on the write-up.
  16. The amount of the text message in the author’s curriculum vitae depends upon the material from the newsletter (the volume of information and facts, its clinical and useful value), but shouldn’t be below 100-250 phrases.

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